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A No Fly Summer Is One Click Away
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Fly Predator® Biological Control Is Safe, Cost Effective, and Easy-to-Use
To avoid the swishing, stomping, spraying, swatting, fly mask days of summer this year, now is the time to schedule your Fly Predators brand beneficial insects. They are the natural enemy of flies, but never bother people or animals. Many of our customers say they hardly see a fly all summer.

Better Results For Less
Every three to four weeks just sprinkle Fly Predators near all manure areas. The amounts listed typically provide excellent control and may even cost less than what you were spending before on all that fly "stuff". Varying climates, starting late, or manure management can affect quantities needed.
Number Of Horses
Fly Predators Per Month
Cost Delivered
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See A Recommended Fly Predator® Schedule Based On Your Animals and Location
Get Your Recommended Schedule Based On Your Animals and Location It will likely cost less than you'd expect and work better than you can imagine. For best results you want to start in the spring before flies are bad.
No-Charge Double-Up Extras
Order five months of pay-as-you-go shipments and get double the Fly Predators in one of those shipments for no-charge. Order nine months and get two Extra shipments. This helps insure the best control when fly pressure is at its peak.
The Know How For No Flies Video - Watch It Now!
No charge Fly Control Pamplet For 39 years, tens of thousands of animal owners have depended on
Fly Predators. Try them and see what you could be missing...Flies!

Flying SL Ranch Radio "Cowboy" songs, poetry, stories, horse info and more.
We Have Everything You Need for Fly Control!
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The Little Bugs That Do A Big Work
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