Subject: 2015 LQ Closeout, and LQ Preparation

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Huge Inventory of Horse Trailers & Trucks On Sale!

2015 Bison LQs ON SALE NOW!!
A Few 2015 Lakota LQs Left!!
1 2014 Bison LQ Left!!
Like this
2015 Bison 2 Horse LQ $21,776 (below)
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And this 2014 Bison Premiere Upgraded 4H Glide $70,071
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And this! 2015 Lakota CHARGER
3 Horse Living Quarters $47,882 (below)
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Over 300 horse trailers in stock!
Like this
2003 Longhorn 3H Gooseneck $4,995 (below)
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And this! Full Living Quarters for under $20K!
2015 Bison 2H Living Quarters $19,995 (below)
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Over 50 very nice medium duty hauler trucks,
Like this
2000 Freightliner FL50 $24,995 (below)
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Just one of our well-stocked lots!
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This lot packed with over 50 medium duty trucks!
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"Oh no!!! No hot water! No heat! No air conditioning! The milk is hot!" Ever found yourself saying these things, as you are setting up camp, losing hope of having the relaxing experience you have waited so long for? Our goal is for you not to be a victim of a mess like this! We recommend you do a few things several days/weeks before this special trip that will help you discover any problems ahead of time!

  1. Be certain all mechanical systems on your trailer such as lights, brakes, bearings, hitches, latches, doors, windows, ramps, dividers, tie hooks, tires, etc., are ALL in good safe working order.
  2. Plug the "shore power cord" on your living quarters system up to the proper AC electric outlet of 30AMP and 120VOLTS. Check to be certain you have 120V power in the trailer by operating the AC system, microwave, and or wall 120V outlets. If no power, diagnose problem or have a qualified tech do so.
  3. If your trailer has a 12VOLT off/on switch be sure it is in the "on" position so the onboard charger can charge up the batteries. If they fail to charge, diagnose and fix the problem.
  4. Be certain your LP tanks are full and that the stove/refrigerator/furnace/etc., are all in good working order. If not, diagnose & repair.
  5. Fill "onboard" water system, operate 12VOLT pump, test commode, shower, all lines/faucets/drains/etc. for leaks and proper operation. Connect the "city water" up to the trailer, using the correct pressure reducer, and test the system same as with onboard 12VOLT pump. If you find a problem, well, you know the drill.
  6. Test black and grey water tanks for leaks, and be sure they are empty so that you have maximum use of their holding capacity for your trip.
  7. Be certain your refrigerator works on AC and LP, if its a dual use model, and be sure it cools to the desired temperature. It should be as efficient as your home refrigerator.
  8. Check all cabinet doors/drawers/movable items/etc. to prevent damage during travel. Secure all items before travel.
  9. Make one final systems check/supplies check/safety check a few days before your trip.

Please call us if you need any help/advice/information/assistance/ check any of these systems before you actually need them. We want to help you enjoy your trailer to the fullest!! Proper Prior Planning is critical to an enjoyable trip! Next time, proper tire inflation. If you have a suggestion for our newsletter, please let us know! DON

We usually have around 300 horse trailers in stock, and we would love the opportunity to help you find the horse trailer that best fits you!

We want to earn your business today!!

Don Smith
Dixie Horse & Mule Co


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