Subject: ☛🔸 Equine Chiropractic Seminar, Indianapolis. Nov. 10, 11 -(Hands On) 🔸

November 10th, 11th, 2018. Indianapolis, Indiana
Equine Chiropractic Seminar (Hands-on)

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Learn How To Adjust Horses From Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C.,
author of The Well Adjusted Horse.

Limited openings.  No other seminars scheduled.  Last one for quite a while.
Full spine, legs, jaw, pelvis, hips, and tail.  Plus the Pre-Race-Adjusting sequence will be covered which can shave fractions off the time.  All moves are done by hand.

Here is the location, plus another event at the same location.
Sept 28-30 2018 Michael Henaghan Horsemanship Clinic focusing on the basics of flatwork and using jumping exercises that educate and challenge Hunter/Jumper/Equitation riders.
Full Seminars details.  Go to website link below.


This is not a certification course and does not entitle anyone to adjust horses other than their own. Seminar supervised by licensed veterinarian.

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