Subject: 2015 Lakotas Must Go, Plus Big New Bison LQ

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Huge Inventory of Horse Trailers & Trucks On Sale!

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Finally, a horse trailer with a "walk-in" bedroom!!

Stairway up to 6' tall walk-in bedroom!!

Multipurpose LOFT above living quarters!!

6' walk in bedroom with glideout!

Electric drop down ramp up to interior hayloft/
storage above horse area!

Below, a Couple of Interiors From Our Sale Trailers!
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Over 300 Horse Trailers in Stock! Like This
2002 Longhorn 2H Bumper Pull $3,995 (below)
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And This! Full Living Quarters for Under $20K!
2015 Bison 2H Living Quarters $19,995 (below)
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Over 50 Very Nice Medium Duty Hauler Trucks
Like This 2000 Freightliner FL60 $24,995 (below)
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Just One of Our Well-stocked Lots!
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Over 50 Very Nice Medium Duty Trucks!
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Post Trip Cleanup Tips

You planned ahead, had a wonderful trip with your favorite horse, all went well, and you reluctantly came back to the real world already thinking about your next adventure! Now to properly clean up and store your trailer until then! There are several things we recommend you do to accomplish this, and in the process you will be making the next trip prep easier as well:

  1. Unload and secure all animals, equipment, supplies except those items you can safely leave onboard for use next time.
  2. Raise nose of trailer*, remove mats in horse area, and wash out thoroughly with soap and water, let dry, reinstall mats. If you have an aluminum floor it is critical that you wash the floor frequently to remove the urine, as it is very corrosive to aluminum. Treated wood floors do not require washing as often, but we recommend at least monthly or after no more than two uses.
    * Be sure to level the trailer afterward if you have a LQ/fridge.
  3. Drain and wash out black and gray tanks, add a bit of water back when finished, and add deodorizer. This will keep your trailer smelling good until next use!
  4. Drain and flush fresh water holding tank and water lines. Add fresh water just before your next trip. This will prevent the rotten egg smell! If you are in freezing conditions be sure to keep the interior of the trailer above 40 degrees so you do not have to "winterize" the water system. You can do this with the onboard heating system or use a small electric heater.
  5. Wash & clean interior and exterior of trailer with soap and water as needed to protect your investment and keep it looking good!
  6. Check/replace LP tanks as needed. I suggest you always carry 2 full LP tanks as spares. Store them safely.
  7. Park your trailer and plug it in to household power. Be sure your 12volt master switch is in the "on" position, and leave your refrigerator running. This will recharge your onboard batteries and prevent your refrigerator from having mold/mildew. If you are storing the trailer for an extended time just leave it unplugged from household power and leave the 12volt master switch off. A few days before its next use you can plug it up, charge it up, and saddle up!
  8. Check your trailer frequently between each use to be certain all systems are OK and that you can have it ready for your next trip with little effort or time required. The opportunity can arise at any time and we sure would not want you to miss a trip because you are not prepared!
  9. Enjoy your trailer and call us toll free anytime if you need anything! It is a pleasure serving you!

We usually have around 300 horse trailers in stock, and we would love the opportunity to help you find the horse trailer that best fits you!

We want to earn your business today!!

Don Smith
Dixie Horse & Mule Co


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